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Date 2022-12-21

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Hello, this is MINI RECORD.

Products purchased from MINI RECORD follow the exchange and refund rules below. Thank you.

  • Exchanges and refunds are only possible if there are photos and videos that can confirm the reason for exchange or refund within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product.
  • Please fill out the 1:1 inquiry in the MINI RECORD APP or use the exchange request on MY PAGE, and send the evidence to by the day of receipt.

*Exchange and refund application form

Order Number:

Reason for request:

Attached file: Unboxing video

- In case of exchange or refund due to simple change of mind or reasons attributable to the customer, the customer must pay the round-trip shipping cost, and only the first exchange is possible.

- In case of exchange or refund due to product misdelivery or defect, MINI RECORD will bear the entire shipping cost.

- If the delivery is damaged, please send a report to the customer center of the delivery company, and you can receive information about compensation from the delivery company.

[Exchange and refund information]

- Since platform albums and meta albums are albums that mainly use digital services, when connected to the MINI RECORD APP (registered QR code or serial number), the value of the product is significantly damaged, so exchange and refund are not possible.

- For exchanges and refunds due to missing or defective components, a delivery box and product (including components) Unboxing video are required. If there is no unboxing video, it may be difficult to exchange or refund, and all standards apply the same even if you use a shipping agency.

* The unboxing video must start before the tape attached to the delivery box is damaged, including the entire opening scene of the product, and all sides of the box.

* If there is any trace of editing in the video, exchange or refund is not possible.

- When exchanging or refunding, products with gift items must be sent along with the gift item. Exchanges and refunds are not possible if the product composition is missing.

- The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color depending on the monitor specifications used, and exchanges and refunds are not possible due to this.

- Among all product defects, marks of less than 5mm, scratches, dents, and ink splashes that may occur during the product process cannot be exchanged or refunded.

- In the case of PVC products, due to the nature of the material, defects such as deformation or adhesion between PVCs may occur depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment, and exchanges and refunds are not possible.

- The outer case is for product protection, so it is not a product defect, and exchanges and refunds are not possible due to this.

- All products can be exchanged or refunded only if the defect is visible without light reflection.

- In the case of a product with random album components, the exchange product will also be sent randomly.

- In the case of defective/damaged products, exchanges are only possible with the same product. If you want to change to another product, please return it and proceed with the repurchase process.

- If the product is out of stock or out of print, exchange is not possible, and refunds are possible after the return.

* If exchange or refund is possible (within 7 days of receipt)

1. If the reason for exchange or refund is applicable and there is a video of the product opening

2. In case of product defects such as damage or defect

3. If a defect is found in the absence of light reflection

4. In case of product misdelivery

5. If the reason for exchange and refund is at MINI RECORD

6. If the QR code or serial number of the delivered photo card does not work

7. After purchasing a platform album or meta album, if you receive an album that is different from the purchased content

*If exchange or refund is not possible

1. If there is no product opening video

2. If the product is damaged due to use by the buyer or reasons attributable to the buyer

3. If the value of the product, etc. has significantly decreased to such an extent that resale is difficult

4. If there are traces of use or damage, even if the product is mis-delivered or defective product

5. If the album has already been registered on the MINI RECORD APP

6. In the case of products that are not exchangeable/refundable in advance on the product detail page

7. If 7 days have passed since the date of receipt of the product

- Once the exchange request is confirmed, a courier will visit your address within 1-2 days. Customers are requested to pack and deliver the products to be exchanged to the visiting courier.



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